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4 Important Tips To Improve SEO Of Your Website

Type SEO on the Google search bar and you would be greeted with hundreds of SEO companies all across the world, all offering all types of SEO Tips. The demand for Search Engine Optimization has increased manifold with all webmasters realizing that it really impacts the total revenue earned. It is common knowledge that 99% of the users of internet do not know the names of particular websites for their different needs and hence use search engines to find them. They type the name of the item of interest (known as keyword) and in response get the list of all the websites which have information about it.

This is where the competition and the fight of SEO begin. How does the search engine decide which link to be shown on the 1st page and which one on the 5th? The answer is this: Search Engines have their own algorithms which judge the websites on the basis of various criterions and provide them with ranks. On the basis of these ranks, their display position is decided. SEO is when the webmasters make their website according to these judgment criterions and hence try to get the best ranking possible.

How does being listed on a different page matter? Put yourself in the shoes of a user, which link are you most probable to visit? Those on the 1st page of course. According to the analysis, websites with good SEO implementation are expected to get 50-80% more traffic compared to other website dealing in the same content. A non optimized website may get a higher ranking with time, but the duration would be long and it would not be a profitable business proposal. Longer the delay, larger the potential cliental lost.

There are several tips that may achieve the required optimization:

1) The title of the content should be keyword specific in order to get the maximum effect. No search engine crawls the complete content to judge its creditability. By making the title optimized, there is a good chance that it would be picked up.

2) Tags should be applied wherever possible. Description of specific words and keywords proves to be better for both the user and webmaster. The user is able to understand matters whereas the webmaster gets rewarded by better ranks.

3) In Bound links helps evaluate the reputation of the website. More in bound links means that the content at that website is exquisite and is worth a read. They act similar to the way references do in our Curriculum Vitae.

4) Try and provide your users with a sitemap. This makes navigation easy. Special emphasis is given to websites with containing this feature.

The secret of effective SEO is to make the system more efficient and usable for the users who are expected to visit it. If the keywords are such that people can identify with them and can easily navigate through different pages, the traffic would increase. If the users like the content, there is a good chance that they would subscribe to the RSS or place them in their favorites list.