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Phases Of An SEO Campaign

Search engine optimization is a hot topic over the internet as far as the webmasters andĀ online marketing consultantsĀ are concerned. As all of them compete to get themselves known, every step is being taken to improve the rating of their websites with the search engines. There are some webmasters who have become experts in this field and have taken SEO as a hands on approach, whereas, there are some who are still not so confident about it and hence hire SEO experts to do this job for them.

This article talks about the different phases of SEO. It would help better understand what exactly is expected from a website and hence help analyze what is wrong and the remedial measures that need to be taken. In general, there are two different phases that need to be undertaken. First is the On Site phase and second, the Off Sight phase. The two have been discussed in detail below.

First: On Sight Phase

The complete process that needs to be undertaken on the website forms the part of it. This includes providing it with a structure, making links and most importantly, placing the content. Keywords need to be analyzed and based on the most frequently searched terms, the content needs to be molded. Having content which is rich in the searched keywords by the users is a major boost to any website's future. While they should be present, excessive use is termed as exploitation of the keywords and may lead to blacklisting. The density of these keywords should be approximately 2%.

Content does not only mean textual data. It also includes photographs, statistics and other relevant information that the user might be looking for. The reason why is has a special place is because this is what users are looking for while browsing. Imagine a car manufacturing website offering tires. It is stupid and absurd from the user's point of view and they would not want to return to that website in the future.

Second: Off Sight Phase

This part of the SEO process involves link building. Making a website is good but it alone is not efficient for the number 1 spot. Significant amounts of links, both inbound and outbound should be present to help make the website more prominent on the internet. Depending upon the location from where the vote is coming in, the search engine provides points to the website which ultimately affects its ranking. Getting an inbound link from a high ranking website is a better than getting 10 from below average ones. It is a bonus if these inbound links are from government or some ruling authority's websites. This provides a better impression as these sights are considered to be legitimate and for mass communication.

If both the phases are undertaken properly, there are bound to be results. As many might have guessed, On Sight Phase is simpler than Off Sight Phase. This should not be an excuse to focus on only aspect. Both need to supplement each other if the website has to beat all the competition in the way.